Katla Thranddottir

Baron John of York's Chief Rival for York


Name: Katla Thransdottir
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Britain Dark Ages
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Rebel
Concept Olde Viking Warrior
Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Thrand
Haven: York Minster

Apparent Age:22
Date of Birth: 11.2.898
RiP: 920
Hair: Dark Brown-usually Braided down her back
Eyes: Piercing Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Scandinavian
Height: 5’9"
Weight:135 (Muscular)
Sex: Female


Born in Jorvik to a prominent Viking jarl, Katla quickly drew the attention of the Prince’s seneschal Thrand. The einherjar saw in her cunning a cunning intellect and a warrior’s heart, as well as ties to one of the most important mortals in the city, Katla’s father. Her Embrace was sudden and unwelcome, and she made vain attempts to resist. After a time she grew accustomed to her new found abilities, and vowed she would never be overpowered again. Katla’s Embrace gave Thrand increased influence among the kin, and her keen mind provided him with a valuable political advisor. Shortly after her training was complete, Thrand moved against his sire Julian Cerialis, and wrested control of the city from the elder. Katla became seneschal, and an ambition to one day become prince of Jorvik grew in her heart.

Julian did not give up so easily, however, and used his agents in the city to create civil disorder among mortals and Cainanites. In 965, Jorvik fell to the Saxons and Thrand and Katla were forced out by an alliance of Brujah and Toreador insurgents. The subsequent decades saw fierce conflict between factions vying for the city, and Katla fell into torpor in 980.

More than two centuries later, she was shaken from her slumber by the “mass suicide” of the Jewish population in the city and awoke in a shallow grave some distance to the south. Following the air of blood and carnage she made her way to York Castle to find an angry mob chanting and shouting in a language she did not understand. Her tattered Viking-era clothing and battered Viking sword caught the eye of Eyolf Ivarsson who was trying to placate the crowd. He approached warily, recognizing Katla from days when Danes ruled Jorvik.

Katla learned that much had changed in her absence, and that John of York was now Prince of the city. The Beast raged within Katla, and she pushed through the rioting crowds toward the castle. The outer towers were ablaze. She reached the gate just as John of York and servant Leland of Durham descended from the staircase. John of York was badly burned by the flames of the fire, and Leland of Durham was carrying him out to safety. Just as Katla was to issue her challenge to John of York and destroy the usurping prince, Leland of Durham threw the Prince from the balcony into the waiting arms of Johns Childe Sir Martin who was mounted and conveyed the nearly torpored Prince to the Castle proper and to safety. In a rage the two met in the field of battle, and Sir Martin was quickly bested as Katla was enraged, and she would have taken John of York’s child’s head had it not been for Eyolf Ivarsson who talked her out of such a rash act.

Learning that John of York was a brother in blood to her sire, and that Mithras had effectively taken control of England, Katla will agree to cooperate with John to topple the true enemy the Methuselah Mithras, and win York’s independence. Her anger will be tempered. She resolved to accept John’s rule until she can regain the city by less direct means.

Image: Katla Thranddottir is tall and athletic, with long black hair tied into a thick braid that trails down her back. Her face is cold and stern, with piercing blue eyes. She wears clothes that do not restrict her movement. Her fashion sense tends toward the masculine, as she rejects the weakness that society associates with femininity.

Roleplaying Hints: You revel in the power gained through your Embrace and the prestige of your Ventrue birthright. You command respect at all times and do not suffer fools lightly, often challenging your rivals directly in hopes of intimidating them into making mistakes. Those who spend time around you may sense that you are on the edge and likely to let your Beast loose at any moment. You quietly resent John of York station and curse yourself for the weakness that allowed you to enter torpor.

Influence: Although she has recently arisen from torpor, Katla will manage to gain a measure of influence over figures in the church, especially those concerned over the construction of the new Minster. Her close connection to Eyolf Ivarsson will give her some contact with York’s military and city guards, which she will develop as both a herd and a secondary means to power.

Katla Thranddottir

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