Vampire the Dark Ages-Britain

Wherein Many Jews Perish in Conflagration

As Related by Marcel Childe of Garinol

After the harrying of an unruly mob of York, debtors, and the Foul Cainanite Jerome Malabisse along with his brigands, the Hebrews fled into Clifford's tower where the Jews were promised protection by the Sheriff, but alas, the Sheriff and the Duke's men were overcome.  Thereafter the Tower was set aflame. Within the Tower was our Liege Baron John of York who verily  would have also perished in the fire had it not been for Leland of Durham who rescued Baron John of York  by  cunning sorcery of his clan, managed to lower the Baron into the arms of his childe Sir Martin.

In the meanwhile, Katla Thransdottir scourge from the north assaulted Sir Martin just as soon as Baron John of York was safely handed off to his retainers. Sir Martin Baron John of York's childe was unhorsed, but our liege was safe.



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